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My cat eats really slowly and sometimes the food is left there for a day or two, the problem is that ants get into the food and im at my wits end,

How can I stop the ants without poisoning my cat?

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My cat eats really slowly and sometimes the food is left there for a day or two, the problem is that ants get into the food and im at my wits end,

You can buy a foodbowl that has a rim around the edge that you fill with water - this stops theants in their tracks and drowns the pests.
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All of a sudden my cat won't touch this food. he is 5 years old, and has been eating it with no problem. He usually bolts it down with no problems, but now the food remains in his dish for days an

If he's been eating this food in the past, is it a new bag? Maybe it's not fresh or this bag tastes a bit off? If the Vet didn't have any suggestions, I'd consider returning the bag to the pet store, explaining the situation, and trying another brand. If it isn't a health thing it's a mental thing, so maybe try wet food for a while and then ease him into a different dry food to see if that breaks the mental block that seems to be occurring?
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Cats are cute and you are not if you have a problem with this eat a fat dog NOT a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont eat them ever you hear me!! they will come back and eat you!

I love cats and have two rescue females.
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Hi There i have a male cat, it looks to me that he

Please see your veterinary specialist immediately. I believe that your baby boy has a mouth or tooth infection which can cause other serious health problems meanwhile make sure he takes in enough liquid to maintain hydration. Low or no sodium beef or chicken broth can be beneficial for this
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Died suddenley my cats not been himself for two days off his food very distant and hiding away. when ive got up this morning he was dead. hes only 2 and an indoor cat so its a bit of a shock can you help

Sorry to hear about your precious loss. It is soo hard to tell not knowing the history of your kitty. When any cat "seems" sick you must take them to the vet because kitties hide their sickness. So when you see any changes in your kitty, not eating, change of routine, sleeping longer, sneezing, coughing ANYTHING, it's always best to take kitty in.Now how long have you had kitty? where did the kitty come from? I had adopted a kitty from a rescue. She was perfect to me then 6 months later she didn't come to my bedroom door as she always did. I checked on her and she didn't eat and was sleeping so I took her in to one vet. They gave her medicine and she didn't improve so the following day I took her to another vet my rescue recommended who deals with cats from the streets. She was tested and hospitalized. She had FIP - Feline infectious peritonitis I had a choice to either put her down or take her home until she gets sick again which could be just days. I was advised the best thing was to put her to sleep. It was a horrible day so I know how you much be feeling. No one will know what ever happened to your kitty until you took her to the doctors for test. I hope you will adopt a kitty in the future but in the meantime clean/wash everything kitty touched just in case. Always take kitty to the vet yearly to get checked. You could save hundreds and thousands of dollars with preventative medicine. My current kitty goes in yearly. I took him 2 years ago and I was told he was pre-kidney so he immediately went on a wet food diet. A year later he was no longer pre-kidney disease. he is coming up on his 3rd year now and I hope he didn't progress. SO PLEASE TAKE KITTY YEARLY because it would have cost tons more and even the lost of his life.
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Hi, i have and oriental simese black cat and adopted her 5 years ago, she has been fixed and for the past 4 weeks she poos and whets my bed, my carpets ect, i have not changed her sand her box is still in the same place, during the day she used to go out the window which is always open for her, please can you tell me what can possible cause her behaviour i am at my wits end, and then last night my hasband smacked her which just really got to me, there must be a reason why she is doing this, Please please help. Many thanks and Kind regards Yvonne

I was told by a vet that often if they are sick or in pain they will associate the pain with the litterbox and thus avoid it. She could be in pain or sick so I would definitely take her to the vet to eliminate anything medical as the cause.If everything checks out at the vet, they may be able to give you some additional pointers as to why the cats behavior has changed.Hope that helps!
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How can i apply complain for my neighbor cat distrub

It is a cat that is what they do you could try moth balls in garden and if that dont work try a sprinkler turn it on when it get close to going where u dont want it to be
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