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What is good to give a cat to eat? - Cats

Posted by Jason Newheart on May 13, 2012

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Foods Cats Should Never Eat -

WebMD's slideshow, Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat, shows in pictures the most dangerous and toxic foods that your cat can eat.
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People Foods Cats Can Eat - Pet Health Center

People Foods Cats Can Eat. 1 / 9. ... good vision, and a healthy ... Raw or spoiled meat could make your cat sick. If you wouldn't eat it, don't give it to your pet.
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How to Get a Sick Cat to Eat | petMD

Cats stop eating when they're sick, making them feel even worse & making it difficult for them to get better. Learn how to get a sick cat to eat on petMD.
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can old cat eat kitten food? | The Cat Site

can old cat eat kitten food? ... Does your cat need to eat and drink more than other cats? My cats eat about 180 ... but donno if it's a good idea to give old cat ...
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5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat | Care2 Healthy Living

5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat. ... Many cats love cheese, and it’s a good source of ... If you’re interested in feeding your cat dairy, give it a very small amount ...
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5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat | Animal Planet

There are certain human foods cats can eat. ... be safe for your cat -- but only in small doses. And a good rule of thumb is that human food ... That Give Us Mere ...
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Should i let my cat eat yogurt? | The Cat Site

Should i let my cat eat yogurt? ... Mine will eat anything so I don't give them much of the prepared human foods. ... yogurt for my cats, it's good for them, ...
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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? - Vetstreet - is the ...

Sharon Crowell-Davis explains why dogs can eat cat food, ... Cats are obligate carnivores, ... long term it is not good for a dog to eat primarily cat food, ...
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Can Cats Eat Yogurt: Plain or Flavored? - Furry Tips

Can cats eat yogurt? ... You should discuss whether this is a good decision for your cat’s health and ask about the recommended dosage. Conclusion.
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What is good to give a cat to eat? - Cats

I give my cat Tuna, she loves it, however you should only try to give themwith the brine, once I gave it with the vegetable oil and it upset the poor mite'sstomach.
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All of a sudden my cat won't touch this food. he is 5 years old, and has been eating it with no problem. He usually bolts it down with no problems, but now the food remains in his dish for days an

If he's been eating this food in the past, is it a new bag? Maybe it's not fresh or this bag tastes a bit off? If the Vet didn't have any suggestions, I'd consider returning the bag to the pet store, explaining the situation, and trying another brand. If it isn't a health thing it's a mental thing, so maybe try wet food for a while and then ease him into a different dry food to see if that breaks the mental block that seems to be occurring?
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Direct email or website for Blue Pet Health food?

The name of the company is Blue Buffalo.You can contact the company directly at this website: can also call them at 1-800-919-2833.
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How come when I try to give my friend's cat rice and potatoes he won't eat it?

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their natural diet is strictly raw meat ONLY. Cats biologically need the complete amino acid chain that is supplied in animal protein. Vegetables have amino acids but are missing certain parts, dogs and humans have the biological ability to synthesize the missing amino acid in vivo but cats can not. So long story short, no vegetables are not good for cats.
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What shouldn't I give my cat to eat?

Onions are particularly bad for cats as they break down the cat's red blood cells, the same goes with garlic and chives. Milk is also not good for cat's especially adult cats as their digestive system cannot cope with dairy products.
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What is a good idea for an 10 year old girl's birthday party?

Make an arrangement of surprise party, invite her friends, make the decoration with colorful balloons and barbies posters. Also order cake of her favorite color and character.Give her surprise dress of her choice to wear on birthday. Make the arrangement of some games and other events which girls like. I thing these all ideas are enough for birthday party.You can try this following site to get more help. Treats
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My cat has recently been diagnosed with diabetes what is good for it to eat?

The main thing youshould think about is controlling your cat's diet. You can continue to give itthe same food but cut down and try not to give it too many snacks and treats.You should also talk to your vet about it as you may need to administer insulindepending on the type of diabetes.
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Cats are cute and you are not if you have a problem with this eat a fat dog NOT a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont eat them ever you hear me!! they will come back and eat you!

I love cats and have two rescue females.
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Hi There i have a male cat, it looks to me that he

Please see your veterinary specialist immediately. I believe that your baby boy has a mouth or tooth infection which can cause other serious health problems meanwhile make sure he takes in enough liquid to maintain hydration. Low or no sodium beef or chicken broth can be beneficial for this
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Problems with dogs eating cat food

The following is advice from the ASPCA Cat food is higher in protein and fat, which may make it very palatable to dogs, but if you continue to feed your dog only cat food, over time you'll begin to see nutritional imbalances. It's also possible to see gastrointestinal issues, such as vomiting and diarrhea, in dogs who continually eat cat food. Pet Nutrition Service
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